Swiss Arms Aimpoint T1 (Auto-Adaptive)


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Product Description

Red dot sights in airsoft are for one thing primarily; to make your gun look awesome!

And this one certainly does that! And, on top of instantly making your gun look at least 10x as fierce, it can actually help you get BB’s down range on-target faster. The design is reminiscent of the Aimpoint T1 with riser, but has a few differences. It’s rubber coated for a sleeker look, and also has a battery compartment similar in looks to the Aimpoint Military. This cleverly houses a AAA battery, doing away with annoying CR2032’s (and smaller)! As you would expect it is adjustable for windage and elevation, so you can zero the sight in for reflex shooting.

As standard it comes with a QD mount, allowing it to be installed (and removed) with absolute ease. Operation of the optic itself is straight forward; you have your on/off button, and manual adjustment of brightness (up and down). There is also a light sensor on the top which will change the brightness of the dot depending on conditions. Toggling the sight off is a case of holding the off button in until the dot powers off.

The finish on the sight is beautiful, with a subdued Swiss Arms logo found only on the riser!

Optics Specification
Type Red Dot Sight
Battery 1x AAA
Magnification N/A
Adjustment Windage, Elevation & Brightness

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