Swiss Arms BB’s WHITE (0.25g) (4,000 Rounds)

Swiss Arms BB’s WHITE (0.25g) (4


Swiss Arms BB’s WHITE (0.25g) (4,000 Rounds)

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Product Description


King Arms BB’s are widely regarded as one of the best BB’s on the market, a reputation gained by their quality, consistency and performance. They work in virtually all set ups, from out of the box guns to highly upgraded and customised rifles (including tightbore barrels). The BB’s are seamless & polished, and are evenly weighted to ensure the best performance.

As part of the King Arms Platinum series, these 0.25g BB’s are the same high quality you have come to expect from King Arms. They are suitable for most airsoft guns, though are not recommended for the budget series due to their weight. 0.25g is the weight of choice for the more seasoned airsofter, as you get greater shot to shot consistency, superior accuracy and greater wind resistance. It is the minimum weight recommended for sniper rifles, and is perfect for gas powered pistols & AEG’s.

Size 6mm
Weight 0.25g
Finish Polished
Colour White
Contents 4,000