Swiss Arms Chest Harness (Sling)


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Product Description

When using your airsoft gun it’s always nice to be able to go hands-free (sans bluetooth of course) – drop your rifle to draw a pistol, or simply adjust mask etc. It’s even better when your rifle doesn’t hit the ground smashing into many many pieces. To ensure it doesn’t get broken, a sling is essential. Slings are simply a strap that secures the rifle to you, spreading the weight and also allowing you to use both hands.

This model is a chest harness – it spreads the weight through your torso, and the rifle connects in the centre for a stable platform. The harness itself has MOLLE loops on the rear, so if you feel like being a good-guy Greg airsofter, add a mag pouch for your teammates!

Sling Specification
Attachment Points One
Gun Type Rifle
Material Nylon & ABS Plastic
Colour Black

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