Swiss Arms Horizontal Shoulder Holster


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Product Description

Swiss Arms holsters are excellent cost effective solutions to having a pistol on your person, either for practising wild-west drawing at home, or for the more practical minded skirmisher seeking to have it close by should their primary go down. All of them are belt-mounted, so if you don’t wear a belt…well, now you do!

This particular holster is a shoulder holster, which instantly looks bad-ass. In Hollywood you often see shoulder holsters on bodyguards and law enforcement agents (e.g. CIA, FBI, DEA etc), so there is something quite tactical in appearance. Designed as a concealed carry holster (i.e. under a suit jacket etc), the holsters are low profile, and not designed for vigorous movement. Simply loop the holster over your shoulders, attach the velcro loops to your belt and voila, you’re ready to go! The belt mounts keep it secure, allowing you to draw without issue.

On one side you have the holster (horizontally mounted), and the other has pistol magazine pouches – so if you’ve got spare magazines, now you’ve got somewhere to put them.

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