Swiss Arms Metal Cone Target


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Product Description

Shooting at targets is one of the simple pleasures, but unless you have something to aim at…it’s pretty empty!

Usually targtets are considered a consumable; shoot them until they’ve degraded and replace, however that often leaves BB’s rolling around the floor (or decorating the ground). This target is constructed out of metal, and is significantly more durable. It is angled in such away to minimise BB’s coming back out of the target, ensuring an easier clean up…provided you don’t miss!

On the back of the target is a pre-drilled space to hang it up, allowing you to set up multiple targets with ease and test your speed! Included with the metal target are 10x card targets. These are available in refill packs, or can be photocopied.

Target Specification
Size 140mm x 146mm x 135mm
Material Metal
Type BB Trap


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