Swiss Arms Micro Laser


Product Description


Accessorising your airsoft gun is something that everyone does at one point or another in a variety of different ways, some for practical reasons…others for not-so-practical reasons. Flashlights and lasers are one of the mainstays of airsoft accessories due to their practicality, as well as their cool factor – it’s undeniable, for some reason lasers are just fun.

Choosing between the myriad of accessories out there can be quite difficult – you need to factor in what you’re looking to get from it i.e. if it’s a torch what lumens you need, or what space is available etc. At the end of the day, like most things in airsoft it comes down to looks, so you’re basically choosing the most practical out of the best looking!

This laser sight offers the most out of function, style and enjoyment. You get a small and compact laser that sits neatly on any rifle or pistol with a standard 20mm RIS/RAS or Picatinny rail, powered by 2x LR44 batteries.

The fantastic thing about this product is that it does not take up rail space; it IS rail space. On the bottom of this micro laser is an RIS/RAS rail which allows you to mount further accessories, torches etc.

Operation of the laser is simple – it features elevation and windage adjustment screws to zero in the laser, and turning it off/on is done by simply pushing a button on the side.

The button is a slider type, so you push it in on the right for on, and in on the left for off. The button is contoured for grip, and has a large surface area to ensure ease of location, however it is not large enough to detract from the laser unit itself. Lasers are a lot of fun, and can also be used to great advantage on the field – this is one accessory that everyone should have at least one of!

Flashlight & Laser Specification
Power <1mW
Battery LR44
Mount Included
Pressure Switch N/A

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