Swiss Arms Multi-Reticle Dot Sight (Black)


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Product Description

Accessorising your airsoft replica is a rite of passage, and is one everyone goes through, whether it be the addition of functional items, or merely simple additions to make the gun feel more yours. Regardless, there are many options to choose from. One of the biggest choices many people face is what sort of optic, if any, to put on their gun. Some prefer the fast target acquisition benefits of a red/green dot sight, whilst others prefer the longer range approach of the magnified optics. For Red Dot sights it’s just a case of deciding on a shape/style that you like the look of, and going from there. With magnified optics it’s a little more complicated – you have to factor in eye-relief, objective lens diameter, magnification and optical clarity, as well as size and styling.

This particular optic is an unusual one having the ability to toggle between reticle designs – you can switch between a dot, cross, circle with a dot and a circle with a cross. It is an open-type design, allowing for some of the fastest target acquisition attainable. Other benefits of this sight are that it features a solid base mounting system, holding its zero far more effectively than on other designs. Given its styling, and its size, this sight looks at home on race pistols, small SMG’s (MP5K, MP7, MP9, TMP etc), and similar sized assault rifles.

Optics Specification
Type Red Dot Sight
Battery CR2032
Magnification N/A
Adjustment Reticle, Brightness and Windage & Elevation

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