Swiss Arms Universal Silencer(110mm length)


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Product Description

The addition of a silencer/suppressor is something that many want to do to their replicas, however it can be confusing as to which silencer to choose from, given that there are so many on the market. It helps to first understand what gun you’re putting the silencer/suppressor onto, as that will tell you if you need an adapter or not (e.g. G&P guns use 14mm CW threads, so would need a CW to CCW thread adapter) and you can go from there. Once you’ve established a pool of silencers that will go on your chosen replica, then it’s a matter of whittling down the list based on the following: 1.) Look – no point in using it if it doesn’t look cool, 2.) Function – what function do you require? Are you looking for suppression, a tracer, or a barrel extension? Barrel extensions are the cheapest, followed by the more effective suppressors, with the most expensive being the tracer silencers, and 3.) Aesthetics of the gun – if a silencer/suppressor doesn’t match the proporitions of the gun, it just looks sort of odd i.e. pistol sized silencer on a sniper rifle won’t be a match made in heaven!

This mini silencer from Swiss Arms is perfect for small guns such as SMG’s, pistols etc, measuring in at only 110mm. Constructed out of metal, and finished in a black matte paint, and foam-filled for added realism. These suppressors look the part, though will not completely silence the airsoft guns, though they can help quieten it down. This silencer is plain black, and is completely blank – no white trademarks to detract from the overall aesthetic of your rifle! This particular silencer is threaded for 14mm guns, for both clockwise and anti-clockwise, so it will fit on the vast majority of airsoft guns, though will require an adapter for certain types i.e. guns with larger/smaller threads such as MK23, MP7, WE pistols etc.

Suppressor Specification
Thread 14mm CCW & CW
Build Material Metal
Dimensions 110mm x 30mm

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