Tactical Baseball Cap (ATACS-FG)


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Product Description

Tactical baseball cap improves tactical ability by 0.2% – increase your tacticool factor by adding patches.

This particular cap is manufactured by Mil-Tec out of a combination of cotton and polyester, and is in the renowned ATACS-FG (Foliage Green) pattern. The pattern makes the hat extremely attractive, especially thanks to the velcro areas on the front, top & rear allowing the addition of patches; show your affiliations in style!

As with most caps, this is a one-size fits-all affair, though instead of the old type adjuster you have a velcro strap allowing for a more snug and unique fit. Baseball caps are perfect for those rare Irish days where the sun suddenly appears, and you are both shocked & stunned, unable to see due to its brilliance. Not so if you have a baseball cap – the peak keeps the sun off of your face, whilst still keeping inline with your loadout giving you the tactical advantage.

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