Tanfoglio Limited Custom Eric Grauffel Co2 GBB

Tanfoglio Limited Custom Eric Grauffel Co2 GBB


Tanfoglio Limited Custom Eric Grauffel Co2 GBB

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Product Description

Tangfolio are a little known Italian manufacturer who started making real steel firearm parts in the 1940’s. Later on in their life, they began to manufacturer pistols geared specifically toward IPSC Competitions. IPSC means International Practical Shooting Confederation, which is in effect a governing body for practical shooting.

Eric Grauffel is the current IPSC champion, and he has worked together with Tangfolio to create some truly exceptional pistols! KWC have replicated these stunning race guns with a frankly astonishing level of authenticity.

The Tangfolio Gold Custom is a single-action pistol, powered by .12g Co2 caplets. This affords the pistol sublime blowback, as well as superior performance under typical Irish climate conditions. The magazine has a total capacity of 18 rounds. At 1.3kg this pistol has a bit of heft in it, whilst not being too bulky or cumbersome – it is easy to manipulate, and was designed for pure speed.

Gas Pistol Specification
Gas Type Co2 Capsules (sold separately)
Blowback Yes
Power <1 Joule
Mag Capacity 18
Length 21cm
Weight 1.3kg
Fire Mode Semi Auto
Colour Dark Grey
Hop up Adjustable