Taurus PT24/7 HPA (Spring Pistol)

Taurus PT24/7 HPA (Spring Pistol)


Taurus PT24/7 HPA (Spring Pistol)

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Product Description

Few pistols are more comfortable in the hand than that venerable Taurus 24/7. This attractive modern-looking pistol has a rubberised grip for enhanced comfort and ergonomics, The pistol fits snugly in the hand, and as part of the HPA series of guns it has a great weight, solid power, and very accurate. Even better, this pistol comes with a spare magazine as well allowing you to keep shooting for longer!

Each magazine holds 24 BB’s, and loading them is a simple affair – just push in the BB’s one at a time, or use a Speed Loader (sold separately) for faster reloading. Remember to only use high quality 0.20g BB’s, and to never reuse them. Using heavier, poor quality, or reused BB’s can and will damage your gun.

Manufactured out of high quality ABS plastic, this pistol is solid. It is superbly finished, and performs like a dream

Spring Pistol Specification
Power <0.5J
Mag Capacity 24
Length 18cm
Weight 0.5kg
Colour Black