Taurus PT99 (Co2 Blowback) Semi & Full Auto


Taurus PT99 (Co2 Blowback) Semi & Full Auto

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Product Description

Taurus PT99 is the Brazilian version of M9A1 Berretta, very popular across the world, used by law enforcement agencies.

This Taurus PT99 replica pistol, fires in both semi and full auto mode and is powered by Co2.

Manufactured with a full metal body by KWC.

Heavy, well balanced powerful pistol, with original markings including serial number.

Reliability and full auto function are the greatest advantages of this replica.

Co2 allows this pistol to work in low temperatures without losing any power.

This pistol requires a Co2 canister to operate.

Technical Specification:

  • Construction: Full metal
  • Type: Co2 Blow Back Recoil
  • Firing Mode: Full & Semi Auto
  • Energy: Up to 1 J
  • Length: 220mm
  • Weight: 1140g
  • Mag Capacity: 27bbs
  • Hop – Up: BAX ultimate accuracy system
  • Powered by: CO2 CANISTER .12G