Thompson 1928 (Wood & Metal) Chicago Typewriter

Thompson 1928 (Wood & Metal) Chicago Typewriter


Thompson 1928 (Wood & Metal) Chicago Typewriter

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Product Description

The Thompson machine gun is an easily identifiable piece, synonymous with Hollywood Mobster movies (and more commonly referred to as the Tommy Gun, and no not that terrible character from Rocky V that we should never mention), it is a piece of pure spectacle. Especially this one!

Manufactured by King Arms, this gun is full metal construction with real wood kit – it really looks the part! Paired with the fact that under the hood it has a version 6 gearbox, which is excellent for durability! Not to mention the fact that it is easy to work on with the motor cage & wiring attached to the outside of the gearbox, leaving you less to look at once inside (and freeing up a hand for the anti-reversal latch dance).

As you would expect the battery storage is in the stock, though this gun does NOT come with battery or charger. To insert a battery (recommended to run on 9.6v Mini or similar), unscrew the two flat head screws on the stock’s buttplate, connect up your battery & replace the end plate – that’s it! What most people do is put in the battery, and then charge it inside the stock (as there’s a flip-down window that allows you to pull free the connector), however it is not recommded to do so with Lipo batteries, as the stock is made out of wood…and thus flammable.

Gears are steel, gearbox case is metal (as you’d expect) and you’ve got a 15 tooth polycarbonate piston, and motor is your standard ferrite affair…all good stuff, with reliable performance. The real winner is in the hop up chamber; a solidly made wheel-based design which allows you to accurately fine tune it for precision shooting, far easier than on cog or slider designs.

This gun comes with a metal 450rd drum magazine, with easy feel access and a handy winder on the front. You can use the standard stick magazines (sold separately) as well, though the drum magazine is more skirmishable due the BB hatch access at the top of the magazine, allowing you to pour BB’s directly without removing the magazine!

Rifle Specification
Gearbox Type Version 6
Length 865mm
Weight 4kg
Manufacturer King Arms
Colour Wood & Charcoal Grey
Mag Capacity: 450rds
Power: <1 Joule
Recommended Battery 9.6v 1600mAh