Thunder B Trip-wire Core


Product Description

The Thunder B grenade is one of the most common grenades you will encounter on the skirmish field, and for good reason. It is cost effective, it is loud, and it works like a grenade should…by instilling the fear of god in the enemy. Well, it makes a big bang noise that people don’t exactly enjoy being close to!

This edition of the Thunder B is the Hakkotsu Trip-wire core. It is just the mechanism itself, and does NOT come with any shells. If you would like to add shells, please select in the drop down option, or click on them under related products.

The mechanism works in much the same way as the original Thunder B – the core screws to the head, you pull back the hammer, insert the pin and then insert your Co2 caplet into the bottom of the core by removing the end-cap. Then simply screw on your shell, pull the hammer back the full way and insert your trip wire…and back away slowly!

Once the wire is tripped, the hammer drops and pierces the Co2. The Co2 fills the shell until it can’t handle any more, then BOOM! This makes the device perfect for boobytraps, and means you can create a game changer from bottlenecks, to cutting off retreats etc. The Tripwire pack allows you to get more mileage out of the Thunder B system, and is a lot of fun (not to mention easy to use!).

Please Note: The Thunder B Tripwire Core does NOT come with Shells


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