Tri-Rail Scope Ring (25.4mm & 30mm)


Product Description

High profile scope ring for any 25.4mm (1″) or 30mm optic. Sold individually, each scope ring comes with mounting hardward (allen key and required bolts), and an adapter to change the rings from 30mm to 1″/25.4mm. These are suitable for virtually all scopes, and are perfect for raising a scope up higher to compensate for masks etc.

The mounts are hollow to allow you to aim through them using your gun’s iron sights should you need to, and also serves to save a small bit of weight. One of the nicer features of these scope rings is that they have three 20mm RIS/RAS rails; one on each side, and another on top. This is especially useful on guns with limited rail space, such as an AK47 – these allow you to run a scope, torch and laser, all from one scope mount.

1 piece per package – suitable for any 20mm RIS/RAS gun, and for any 1″ (25.4mm) or 30mm optics e.g. scopes, red dots, torches

Scope Mounts Specification
Gun Type Any with 20mm RIS/RAS rail
Colour Black

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