Tri-Shot Shotgun Shell (6 pack)


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Product Description

These attractive looking pieces are modelled after 12gauge shotgun shells, though their sizing is closer to the RS 10gauge. Constructed out of plastic, these replica shells are the magazines for the Tri-shot shotguns. Each gun only takes one at a time, with each shell good for 10 shots (30 BB’s) before needing to be changed. The shells are completely reusable, and are designed in much the same way as a midcap magazine; you speed load the BB’s in through the top, and a spring pushes them into the hopup chamber.

This 6 pack of shotgun shells is manufactured for Cybergun by Double Eagle, and features 3x red shells, and 3x black. Each shell holds 30 BB’s, and is impressively finished. A sticker is placed around the outside of the shell’s body for improved realism, and the faux-brass endcap really makes the shells pop.

Rifle Magazine Specification
Magazine Type Midcap
Capacity 30
Build Material ABS Plastic
Colour Black or Red
Speed Loader Specification
Adapters Included

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