Universal Right Leg Holster (Black)


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Product Description

There is a lot to consider when choosing a holster – where you want it mounted, what colour it should be, what hand you’ll be drawing with and whether you’ll have any accessories on the gun. There is no single answer to “what holster should I get?” however there are some guidelines:

If you plan on wearing a tac-vest, want a fast draw, and want your hand to be just on the tip of the pistol…a drop leg is the only option. This particular drop leg goes one step further due to it being completely adjustable for virtually any gun (including the gargantuan Desert Eagle). All you do is open up the holster, place the gun inside and then fold the holster around it. This allows you to holster guns with lasers and lamps, as well as having a single holster for all of your guns.

Manufactured by Swiss Arms, this holster is constructed out of nylon codura as well as a lot of velcro. It consists of a single belt strap, and has two leg straps for added security. It is strongly recommended to adjust the holster so that it rides high up on your leg in order to minimise movement.

You pistol is held secure by two pieces – a thumb break as well as an elasticated bungee chord. You never need to worry about a missing pistol again! There is also a pouch on the front of the hoslter for a spare magazine.

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