Urban/Snow Camouflage Tape


Product Description

Camouflage tape is one of those inventions where you didn’t realise you needed or wanted it, but now you do! It allows you to accessorise your rifle without having to drastically change it. You can wrap parts of it, or even the whole thing, and the best part about it is that the tape is self-adhesive i.e. no residue to clean off if you grow tired of the look.

It is extremely easy to apply – the tape sticks to itself, so just wrap it around the desired area and cut to size…that’s it! Once applied the tape adds a certain amount of cushion, so it often gets used to make pistol grips etc more comfortable.

This particular tape is in the Snow Camouflage pattern, which is remarkably similar to the urban style. As such it gets used for both, more so the latter for CQB. The main reason camouflage tape is used is to break up the black shape of the gun making it harder for your eyes to see. People also use it to add something a bit different to the gun, by wrapping stocks etc just to make it look a little more unique.

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