US LC2 Duty Belt (OD)


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Product Description

As you continue in airsoft there is a curve from using tac vests and chest rigs, to stripping it right back and going for something a little more low-drag such as a belt rig. This belt is perfect for building a light setup carrying just what you need, and nothing else!

The belt is fully adjustable, and available in Medium (110cm) and Large (120cm). At 5.5cm wide, it won’t be going near any belt-loops – this is an external belt for mounting pouches & holsters etc.

The main body of the belt is extremely durable and rigid making it perfect for mounting drop leg panels etc off of, though due to its rigidity it is strongly advised to wear the belt higher to avoid it crushing into your hips & sides. The buckle is made out of plastic, and thanks to its size is easy to actuate. This makes poppoing the belt rig on/off quite easy, further adding credence to why belt rigs are the favourite.

You can wear them with suspenders, or just as a belt – suspenders help spread the weight more evenly and stop the belt from being pulled down, though they are one extra thing to be aware of. Many people just run with the belt as standard. This particular belt is manufactured by Mil-Tec and is OD.

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