US Woodland BDU


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Product Description

US Woodland is unquestionably one of the most popular camouflages in airsoft due to its proliferation throughout Hollywood and it being synonymous with the US Army. Secondly it is quite easy to get your hands on, so matching patterns between pouches, vests and uniform etc is far easier than with other patterns.

This particular version is manufactured by MilTec, and features RipStop technology helping you get longer out of your combats! It is in the BDU style (Battle Dress Uniform), which is more authetntic for the pattern as it was designed for the BDU cut. Particualrly effective in damp woodland conditions, US Woodland is excellent for use in Ireland for obvious reasons!

The trousers have the standard pockets as well as combat pockets ensuring you have plenty of storage. However in case that’s not enough you have additional space in the jacket for maps, ammo, batteries etc!

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