Vertical Shoulder Holster


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Swiss Arms Holsters are an excellent cost-effective solution for having your pistol ready to go in case your primary goes down. This particular one is a shoulder holster, and is for a right-handed draw. As such the holster is under your left armpit, ready for action!

Shoulder holsters were primarily designed for concealed carry, as opposed to vigorous movement – if you’re planning on a lot of running and gunning, then something like a drop leg or hip holster would likely be more fit to purpose. That said, many prefer the shoulder holsters due to the simple cross-draw, making it very easy to transition from primary to pistol.

As with virtually all of the holsters from Swiss Arms, you will need to use a belt in conjunction with the holster. The bottom of the holster attaches to a belt to make the draw smooth, and to keep the holster securely in place.

Putting the holster on is a simple affair – put your left arm through the arm hole, adjust the back-piece to sit between your shoulder blades, and loop your other arm through the remaining strap (you will have to adjust the strap to get a secure fit). Then just attach it to your belt, and away you go!


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