Woodland Camouflage Tape


Product Description

Camouflage tape is one of those items that you didn’t know existed, but now that you do…you need it! It’s a self-adhesive tape that you wrap around your gun to break up the black gun-shape that so often gives your position away.

Manufactured by Mil-Tec, this camo tape is in the Woodland pattern. This makes it the perfect choice for general field use. All you do is wrap the tape around the desired areas to change the look of your rifle, and because the tape sticks to itself there’s no residue left on your gun. In case you’re wondering why that’s important, it just means that if you tire of how it looks you don’t have to do any restoration to the rifle – just cut the tape off and you’re back to how you started!

Many people use camo tape to transform and accessorise their gun, making it more unique and personal to them. Whether its covering the stock or pistol grip etc, it serves to camouflage the gun (as the name suggests), but due to the material it also adds a cushion effect to the grips etc making it more comfortable to hold.

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