Woodland Poncho


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Product Description

Given the irish climate, it is easy to understand how ponchos became an integral piece of equipment for the skirmish field. Although not as free-moving as the ECWCS gear, it is significantly cheaper (in some cases by a factor of 10!), and far easier to put on. If a sudden downpour errupts, simply toss the poncho over you and you’re sorted…simple! Throw it on over everything…there’s plenty of space underneath.

This particular one is in the US Woodland pattern, making it perfect for damp woodland conditions. It comes in a handy pouch, though you will likely never get it back into it as neat as it arrives, but nevertheless it does make for a fast deployment. Manufactuted by MilTec out of nylon, throughout the irish year you are bound to have use for it…particularly in summer.

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