Zoxna Mini Launcher (BK)


Product Description

What is small & black, holds 40 BB’s and goes boom in one spectacular cloud of happiness? The Zoxna mini launcher…in black…you can also buy a red one, but you get the idea!

Put simply, this piece is a small RIS/RAS rail mounted grenade launcher…without the grenade. It is an all in one approach; fill with gas & BB’s, and pull the lever trigger to fire. It’s neat, tidy, and slim-line so that it fits the profile of small rifles, sub-machine guns, and even pistols. It’s innocuous size lulls people into a false sense of security…they’ll think it’s a flashlight, then BOOM!

Smooth & sleek, this attachment is neat and virtually 1 piece in a lovely minimalist design! The black finish is contrasted with the Zoxna trademarks on one side, and the brass fill valve on the far-side. Installation is a dream – slide the launcher into position, and tighten the three grub screws (two on left side; one at the front) and you’re ready to rock!

To load it up first make sure the launcher is reset (push the lever/trigger forward), turn it onto its right side (left facing up) and fill with gas. For best results use green gas; 134a is just too low pressured! The launcher holds 40 BB’s, which is filled via speed loader through the top – the middle hole is not for BB’s; all others hold 5 each. BB retention is good – there are two rubberised rods/pins tapped through each row, which the speed loader forces past. Of course, if you shake the launcher vigorously enough you will lose a few rounds, but for how the vast majority of people are going to use it you won’t have an issue!

Weighing in at 93g, it feels dense and adds a nice heft to your gun, without being overbearing (or causing concern for the durability of your RIS rail)!

Grenade & Launcher Specification
Capacity 40 BB’s
Colour Black
Power Source Green Gas


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